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I’ve never had the urge to become a vegetarian, but I respect everyone who adopts this life choice. I have had plenty of people explain to me how hypocritical it is that I love animals, yet knowingly consume meat (my love of pigs directly conflicts with my favorite breakfast). But at least I’m aware of this and really honest with myself; I can’t see myself ever sticking to this diet.

When I was in middle school, everybody I knew went vegetarian for about a month because that was the thing to do – it was just a trend at the time. None of them stuck with it. So, this week, I took a page out of their book…


Although most people choose to be vegetarians because of their views on eating animals who were once living, there are actually some health benefits to the no-meat diet. According to the American Dietetic Association, total vegetarian and vegan diets…


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